Dental Chair

The dental chairs utilised in our dental facility offer comfort to our patients. The method for selecting dental chairs for dental clinics includes extensive testing on the dependability and efficiency of sanitation of the water circuit. We employ dental chairs that have a self-disinfection mechanism.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays utilised at our dental clinic are much more reliable, faster, more accurate, more ecologically genuine than traditional X-rays. The X-rays do not involve film, lowering radiation exposure by 90% and eliminating toxic waste.

chairside HD monitor

The chairside HD display enables the patient to see the treatment in real time and helps the dentists to describe the many aspects of the method to the patient. Our dental clinics emphasize candor so that patients understand the entire procedure.

intraoral camera

An intraoral camera is a small camera with excellent clarity that is only a few millimetres long and may provide a detailed portrayal of your mouth with significantly more precision. This enables doctors at dental clinics to make more adequate and reliable diagnoses.

dental handpieces

We employ handpieces that are CE-certified electric and air-driven fibre optic LED handpieces. They are more pleasant, gentler, and produce less noise. They are also totally thermally disinfectable and sterilizable.

maintenance units

Cleaning and maintenance are essential for the proper operation and longevity of dental tools. We use the greatest air-driven assistance equipment for direct and contra-point dental handpieces, turbines, air motors, and air-driven scalers in our dental service.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management System entails a continuum of performance analysis, systematic recognition, and follow-up.

Sterilized environment

Our complete medical center is packed and sterilised for every case beforehand, while we work under stringent treatment guidelines.

Qualified Doctors

We make absolutely sure to support you with "The Finest" when it gets to identifying the appropriate dentist in India and precise dental care preparation for your situation.

Modern Equipments

In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, we offer extensive dental care using the latest up-to-date technologies.

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